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It has become very popular in the modern fashion industry. Nail artists have taken advantage of this easy to use material to create amazing patterns thus raising the level of manicure creativity. The main reason as to why it is very popular is because it enhances the beauty of the nails. A notable difference with this kind of product is that after the undercoat the polish is applied with a special brush then finally cured with a special ultra violet light. The number of steps involved in applying this kind of polish requires a professional with the necessary products. Most of the equipment is special and the use of ultra violet light cures the polish giving it a fine finish.

By using it you stand to benefit a lot. This polish rarely chips off when compared to other polishes as there is a natural protection. The beauty of the nails depends with the type of polish applied and the use of Gel polish guarantees quality and attractive nails.

The problem of having discolored nails can easily be solved by use of Gel polish. In order to restore the natural look of nails, the use of Gel is appropriate. Dark nails or yellow nails do not look attractive at all, and this down grades the beauty of your nails. Whoever loves beauty should definitely employ the use of nail Gel for attractive nails. The main idea is to improve the appearance of the nails leaving them glossy and fresh.

Professional nail technicians in the industry with experience in the art have understood the technique well such that making beautiful nails is normal to them. Gel is known to make nails stronger and extend the length of the nails as material is made of acrylic. This kind of product is known to not only beautify, but also heal and improve nail appearance.

The durability of this type of product can sometimes make it hard to remove. After sometime, nail polish needs to be removed or changed. Experienced technician have means and ways of removing them although it is also possible to do this yourself. The procedure is simple and takes a short time to perform. Due to the strong scent of the Gel nails polish combined with polish remover, the process requires to be performed in a ventilated area or outside the house. By following well defined steps, remove the nail polish then the Gel.

This product is a manicure product which does not disappoint. Professional nail artists are available to offer attractive services for people who love proper nail appearance. Perfect appearances take time to develop and that is why you need to contact an experienced nail artist. The task is entirely personal and your aim to look great can only be accomplished if you have the will. It has transformed the manicure industry to another level demanding for creativity of its own class. Get some for a perfect choice for nails worth trying.

Among all the brands of nail polish has its own unique fans. Check out our review below.

The lifestyle of most, if not all women these days is greatly different from how women of the yesteryears lived. Nowadays, women are considered partners and not merely subordinates of men. Ladies now have great responsibilities that extends even outside the home. Needless to say, the women of today are equally busy as men are.

Most women are too busy handling and balancing personal and professional obligations. In fact, some of them even forget to spare some time for themselves for relaxation and self-enhancement treatments. Simply put, due to commitments busy professionals can no longer set aside some time for themselves.

Nail polish application is one of the easiest and most accessible ways of enhancing overall appearance. After a tiring day at work or even at home, women should pamper themselves with comforting sessions of manicure or pedicure.

If wish to have stunning nails but you don’t have enough time or money to pay salons a visit, try applying nail polish on your own instead. Since salon nail treatments are a bit expensive and time-consuming, budget and time-conscious women can opt to perform the procedure on their own at home using store-bought materials and products.

Currently, there are many brands selling gel nail polish kits in the global market that allows a woman to get the salon-like manicure or pedicure within the comforts of her home.

Be aware however that some manufacturer instructions that come with do-it-yourself kits may confuse rather than help you understand the entire process of applying the product.

Instructions may vary depending on source, but in general the following steps are recommended in gel nail polish application.

Step #1: Purchase
Buy a good gel nail polish kit from nearby beauty and wellness stores.

Step #2: Prepare
Set your nails ready for a mani or pedi session. If your nails are unpolished just clean them up using sanitizer, but if you have old nail colors on remove polish first from nails before cleaning with sanitizer.

Step #3: Push back
With the use of a cuticle pusher, it is necessary to push back cuticles and clean surrounding nail plates.

Step #4: Buff and Shape
Naturally buff and shape nails using a 180/180 grit buffer and 240/240 grit nail file, respectively. Preferably buffing should be done after nail shaping is completed.

Step #5: Cleanse
Nails should be wiped clean using a piece of cotton dipped in nail cleaner to remove dust that comes after filing and buffing.

Step #6: Bond
To increase the bonding between nails and gel nail polishes, some brands include nail bonders in the kits they sell. Nail bonders are actually the secret behind most lasting gel nail polish applications. If you find one inside your kit, apply a thin coat of the product on your nails and let it dry before applying anything else.

Step #7: Coat
Apply the base coat of the gel nail polish and make sure polish doesn’t touch the sides of the nails (e.g. skin) because nails will easily lift when gels dry up touching the skin. If it does, remove excess gel polish using wooden stick provided in most kits.

Step #8: Cure
After application of gel nail polish in one hand, the nails are cured under ultraviolet or LED technology for about a minute at a time.

Step #9: Recoat
Do polish recoating twice. First, apply a thin coat of gel nail polish over dried base coat and cure for 2 minutes, then apply top coat gel nail polish from cuticles to free nail edges and cure again for another 2 minutes.

Step #10: Repeat
After one hand is done, do steps 7, 8 and 9 for the other hand.

Step #11: Massage
Using cuticle oil, massage the skin around nails.

Step #12: Show off
Your nails are now ready to flaunt!
The gel nail polish may sound easy to apply but it really isn’t. It is generally recommended for first-timers to seek the help of professionals first to give them some idea on how to perform the procedure on their own at home.

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